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Nike Golf will produce a series of shifting events named “Nike Golf VR S Experience New Speed” to promote the NIKE VR S speed series clubs beginning March 31, 2012. It’s the quickest and hottest swing club in NIKE GOLF history. The theme of this series is “speed.”

Tumba is being honored by golfers.

NIKE GOLF is likely to challenge people’s traditional perceptions of golf swing speed and distance. With the release of the new NIKE VR S Roadster Series clubs, players will appreciate the importance of swing speed in determining course distance once more. NIKE GOLF will launch a series of challenging nationwide events called “Experience New Speed with Nike Golf VR S” on March 31, 2012. Chinese golfers are invited to visit the business locations to test the limitations of their swing. It’s a place where, with the help of competitive VR S, you may experience an improvement in your distance performance. Every month, we’ll send out VR S Extreme Speed Series clubs, and you’ll still be able to participate in VIP NIKE GOLF exclusive brand activities and see firsthand the enchantments and star styles of world-class players.

With the fastest swing speed and the hottest club family in Nike golf, the new VR S Extreme Speed Series will hit the Chinese market in February 2012. The NIKE VR series inspired the VR S Extreme Speed Series club. The club series contains the number one wood club, the airway wood club, and the iron club group, all of which appeal to “speed.” Golfers will be able to experience the rapid, delightful sensation of “the polar distance was formed by extreme speed” thanks to Nike.

The haphazard bird

The NIKE VR S Extreme Speed Series club wishes to emphasize “speed,” and its “S” name stems from that (a note: Speed in English is an abbreviation for S). The VR S Extreme Speed Series club, which uses the innovative technology of NIKE proprietary NexCOR to maximize the speed performance of golfers with slower swing speeds, can provide efficient assistance to these players. Nexor rod surface technology has a unique multiple face thickness design that can help golfers of all levels enhance ball speed and flight distance considerably. The breakthrough club surface design of NexCOR is compatible with the creation of the limit club surface and the performance of the unsurpassed ball speed.

“To produce the fastest and hottest surface of the ball levers, we fully understand that the small white ball will not always contact the same point in the club surface,” stated Tom Stites, worldwide research and development manager for NIKE GOLF clubs. We conducted surveys of ball contact and drew every area where the clubface made contact with the ball. We were able to change the location after these foundations when the NexCOR terrace rod surface’s technology came into contact with the club surface. Different NexCOR positions will be assigned to other ball stakes. Some stick appearances were unlikely to have a significant impact. Keep an eye out for NIKE GOLF, as you’ll be asked to try out the new VR S sensation.