How Do You Correctly Grip a Golf Club?

There are a variety of methods to grip the club, but you should choose the one that is most comfortable for you. A golf club can be gripped in a variety of ways, including:

  • Strong Grip Neutral Grip
  • Interlocking Grip Weak Grip
  • Vardon Grip is a baseball grip made by Vardon.

Grip: Neutral

Each hand’s index finger runs down the centre of the shaft. On each hand, you should be able to see three knuckles.

a firm grip

Each hand’s index fingers are exactly at the middle of the shaft. Only the knuckles on your left hand are visible.

Grip Issues

On the shaft, the index fingers are to the left of centre. Only the knuckles on your right hand are visible.

Grip that interlocks

The right pinky finger and the left index finger join the two hands. Instead of sitting on top of each other, these fingers cross over each other.

Grip of Vardon

Both hands are linked by the left pinky finger golf, which rests between the index and middle fingers on the left hand and serves as an anchor, keeping the right hand close to the left.

Grip for Baseball

On the grip, both hands are placed against each other, with the pinky finger acting as an anchor. As if you were carrying a baseball bat, the right pinky finger will just rest next to the left index finger.

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