The Pro’s Guide to Golf Warm-Up Routine

The first few holes can set the tone for the entire round. It is something we all know. You can make the most out of every day by having a great warm-up routine. You will also have a process and structure to help you stay focused during a big game.

This article will cover an excellent routine for golf practice. You can adapt it to your needs and facilities, but it’s worth spending time creating it. It is a great way to improve your scores by just one or three shots.

Warm up for golf [2 minutes]

The first step is to loosen your body and get the blood flowing to the golfing muscles. Your two hips and spine are the main rotation points for your golf swing. There are many motions that your shoulders can go through.

This video is 2 minutes long and targets these areas using three simple dynamic stretches.

You can also visit this link to find out more about golf fitness.

Warm up your golf driving range [15 min]

Next, we need to warm up and figure out where the little white golf ball is going today. It is how I approach it – you can adapt it to your specific needs.

  • Five balls PW – no target, just warming up with pitching swings
  • Five balls PW – aim to reach the 100-yard sign
  • Five balls 8-iron – aim to hit the 150-yard mark
  • 5-iron 5 balls – Aim to bounce and hit 200 yards sign
  • Three balls 3-wood – aim through the 15-yard gap
  • Three balls driver – aim through 15 yards gap
  • Practice your 1st Tee Shot – Take 1-3 shots

It gives me the confidence to move forward, knowing I can hit any shot I need. It helps me to think about accuracy and distance control. Although I don’t often hit the targets, it helps me prepare for when I do. You can change the targets and clubs to suit your game.

It is not a practice session to improve your golf swing technique. It is about getting warm and figuring out how to hit it today.

Warm up for a short game [5-10 minutes]

You will feel confident and comfortable playing the shots on the course by having a great pitching and chipping warm-up. You can start with a small chip 8-10 yards from the green. Then, hit 5-10 chips to try and hole each shot. It will help you become more targeted.

Next, choose 2 – 3 key shots to practice. Take this example:

  • 15-yard chip from the rough
  • Run and bump 30 yards
  • 10-yard bunker shot

These shots can be adjusted based on your course.

Warm-up (5-7 – 10 Minutes)

Your putting warm-up should have two main goals: building confidence and speeding up the greens. It is impossible to consistently miss tricky putts between 6-8 feet. It is why I recommend that amateurs warm up.

Take a putt of 2-3 feet and hit ten balls toward the back. After you have holed ten putts successfully, go back to the original position and attempt 2-3 more shots from 4,6,8, or 10 feet. It will allow you to control your pace and keep track of your line. Keep going with the previous 2-3 attempts. Choose a few putts between 15 and 40 feet to see how close each ball can be. To improve your speed control, you can try your next attempt.

Warm up for golf [2 – 3 Minutes]

It is often overlooked, but it is so crucial for performance. You should know your ideal score before you start the round. It is essential to have a solid course management strategy. Now, you can focus on hitting great shots all game.

This warm-up will help you to improve your swing thoughts and keep your eyes on each part of your game. Avoid standing on the first hole and thinking, “What am I doing again?” You don’t have to worry; we’ve all been there.

  • The critical swing thought/focus to the long game is “x.”
  • The key swing thought/direction to chipping/pitching is “x.”
  • The critical swing thought/focus to put is ‘x.’

Focus on your target, ball flight, or a mechanical swing thought. Make sure your thoughts are clear and simple before you get on the first tee.

Summary: Golf heats up

It is the perfect warm-up for maximizing your score. This warm-up takes about 30 minutes and is great for prepping for competitions. For those days when life gets in the way, you can create an express version.

My version includes the following:

  • One minute of golf stretching.
  • Five balls with an eight-iron.
  • One ball with a driver and three chips from 10 yards.

It is much shorter, but it is still the same process: get warm, understand my ball flight, dial in chips and putts, and keep my focus on each part of the game.

I hope this has been of some use to you. For more information about the best exercises for golf, click this link. To learn more about creating an annual training plan,

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